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Company profile

About Us

Shanghai LiXing HR Service Co., Ltd was established at 2005 (HR License Number 3101120028), registered capital 10 million. We are a member of the Labor Ensure Association of Shanghai. For our professional and honest service attitude, we have won hundreds of local and abroad well-known customer's trust since we were founded. Our main business include: Human Agency, Social Security Agency, Labor Dispatch, Labor Outsourcing, Interview Outsourcing, Headhunting, Linking of the labor from the headhunting, Temporary Renting, Storage Outsourcing, Residence Permit Score Agency, Student Abroad Settling, Residence Permit Score Settling, Foreigner Invitation Agency, Foreigner Employment Permit Agency. We have the double permission qualification of the Labor Outsourcing, HR Service and Labor Dispatching. We provide professional and comprehensive HR Dispatching Service. With a customer-centric culture, we devote to work hard and target to supply the best convenient, reliable and excellent labor dispatching service plan to our clients. By choosing Shanghai LiXing HR Service Co., Ltd, we believe our client will think we are the best cooperate supplier of HR service in the future.


Since the foundation of our company, we always abide the business concept with "standardized management, professional services and training, employers type dispatching". This helps make our labor dispatching management service keep innovative and improving. We created the company’s good brand advantages. Our scope of business covers electronics, machinery manufacturing, finance, automobile, logistics, scientific research, restaurant, shopping mall, property management, services, colleges and universities, and other industries by over of the domestic and foreign well-known enterprise or business unit. Our employees reach more than three thousand people, and companies made dramatic development in the fierce market competition environment.

Our promise: to relieve your work burden, reduce your risk of choose and employ persons, improving your economic benefits.

Our mission: to provide legal, reasonable and effective HR service to customers, avoid personnel risk, archive effective control of the human resource cost.

Our slogan: sincere, efficient and professional, a win-win situation.

Service Advantage

1、Professional HR Management Team

Our company implements the full-time service personnel and professional consultants with the combination of personnel framework. Full-time personnel team consists of a number senior human resources manager with years of work experience in enterprises and institutions, former government departments and public servants who are familiar with labor and social security program operation of the agent professionals. Meanwhile, we hire a batch of the related government department senior civil servants, large enterprise human resources director and university professor of human resources experts and scholars such as professional as a consultant. The company not only possess deep team policy analysis ability, professional knowledge, and rich practical experience, these are very good guarantee that our customers avoid risk for personnel, save human resource cost and improve the competitiveness of enterprises service ability.

2、Rich experience in the market operating

LiXing of human now has a group of well-known enterprises at home and abroad customers, is deep the customer high praise. The company after the successful operation of enterprises and, constantly improve the service ability, summarize experience, make services more specific, special to labor costs and risks further study, can tailor made for the enterprise of individualized service plan.


Choose the force of human, and your earnings

As a professional company that provides human resources consulting and service, the company, in the respect talented person, the service personnel, the gathering talented person idea, have been committed to the focus on customer demand, makes every effort to building domestic first-class HR management company. For the enterprise to solve human needs, lower labor costs, perfect service network, try hard to customers and has established long-term, interactive and common development relations of cooperation. According to the reasonable save human cost, reduce the risk of enterprise employee principle, we combined with different industry the management of the company property, in view of the problem to be solved, has drawn up different scheme, I hope we can work for your company's development to provide help.

Hope that through our professional service for your enterprise human resources management to provide one-stop solution.?  


Your side of the human resources management company                                      

                       Shanghai LiXing HR Service Co., Ltd


Shanghai force and as a normal human resources outsourcing company, has focused on for all kinds of enterprises to provide professional human resources outsourcing, outsourcing services, recruitment outsourcing services, is a company with legal qualification of human resources outsourcing and service outsourcing company. Copyright (C) 2005-2017 Shanghai lixing human resources service co. LTD.    滬ICP備:09090170號
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